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Bring 'em off

President George W. Bush recently offered a good lesson for all of us when it comes to effectively communicating our mission. He admitted t...
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The Name of Jesus

Evangelist Keith Fordham will be nominated next month for 1st Vice-President of the Southern Baptist Convention. As a result, Marty Duren at...
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What War?

Rick Scarborough of Vision America, which hosted the "War on Christians" conference a couple of months ago, is trying to defend h...
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Hey Nazi!

The Blog of Daniel has once again taken Dean Paul Zahl of the Trinity Episcopal School of Ministry to task for inappropriate remarks about ...
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What Ethics?

The United Methodist Reporter has a great article about some recent comments by Tony Campolo at the Associated Church Press meeting. There...
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Speaking Out

There seems to be some progress in Christians speaking out against the hate preacher Fred Phelps. Yesterday, the Agape Press , a conservativ...
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