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In Jesus' Name

Jim Evans has an excellent column today at Ethics Daily on "Misusing Jesus' Name." Here are a couple highlights:

I am tempted to file a defamation of character lawsuit on behalf of Jesus. I wish Jesus would do it himself, but I know he won't. He would much prefer that we win people over to his viewpoint by preaching his word and following his example.

... This attempt to make Jesus an advocate for war by means of the cleansing of the Temple is pure ideological desperation. It is a complete distortion of the teaching of Jesus.

... To make Jesus an advocate of war is nothing less than a deliberate assault on his character. If Christians won't rise to protest this sort of scurrilous and unprincipled use of Jesus' name and his teaching, then perhaps its time to bring in the courts.

... We live in a world of brutal violence. That is why it is all the more important to remember and practice what Jesus taught. His words could not be more relevant than they are right now. Our continued commitment to an eye for an eye will only serve to eventually make the whole world blind. And frankly, there's too much darkness in it as it is.
Amen! This is an excellent reminder of how we need to be careful not to put words in Jesus' mouth. Rather than trying to mold Him to our side, we must instead make sure we are on His side. Unfortunately, much of what is said "in Jesus' name" today would probably never actually be said by Jesus.

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