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Is Robertson part of a Communist Plot?

Is Pat Robertson part of a Communist plot? Perhaps they pay him to say really dumb things so that he can help destroy the credibility of Christians. That may sound crazy. But it is the same logic Robertson recently used to attack the Reverend Barry Lynn and others.

The Associated Baptist Press reports on Robertson's latest inaccurate and hateful attack on Americans United for Separation of Church and State and its leader, Lynn.

Robertson recently claimed, "Barry Lynn is so extreme, he has said that if a church is burning down, the city shouldn’t bring the fire department and trucks to spray water on the church because that violates separation of church and state."

What is the problem? Not only is this not true, but Americans United has informed him of that. So he apparently is intentionally lying! He went on to claim that Americans United had been taken over by Communists. Apparently, Robertson has no better arguments than reusing the tactics of the McCarthyism of the 1950s.

And all of this divides the Christian community and presents a poor witness. Maybe Robertson's problem is the result of speaking without first thinking about the consequences. Or, maybe Robertson really is a part of some Communist plot to discredit Christianity.

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