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Terrorist Rhetoric

There is an excellent post over at the Blog of Daniel about inappropriate language. Paul Zahl, dean of the Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry near Pittsburgh, compared the possible election of a gay bishop in California to "a terrorist bomb, which is timed to destroy a peace process."

Here is the thoughtful response given to this inappropriate statement by Zahl:

Terrorism, as we know, takes lives. It shatters bodies, families and societies. When you call someone a terrorist you are, effectively, calling that person a mass murderer. When you use a phrase like "terrorist bomb," you conjure up images of torn limbs, devastated bodies, blood, lots of blood. It is not a metaphor one should use lightly.
Additionally, Reverend Susan Russell, president of Integrity, stated:

Paul Zahl's comments comparing the election of a gay bishop to a 'terrorist bomb’ is hate speech that has no place in any faith-based discourse. Such language does nothing to advance our public discourse, does everything to further polarize and alienate and is antithetical to the love God calls us all to offer each other. I call for Dean Zahl to apologize for this incendiary rhetoric that attacks not only gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people but the very fabric of our historic faith in the Jesus who called us be peacemakers and to love our neighbors as ourselves.
Amen! We can disagree with each other without using such hateful, exaggerated, or polarizing rhetoric. Comments like this should never enter Christian discourse!

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