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What Ethics?

The United Methodist Reporter has a great article about some recent comments by Tony Campolo at the Associated Church Press meeting. There is a lot of good stuff there, but here is one remark that especially stood out:

The National Religious Broadcasters has no ethics committees, unlike secular broadcasters. Whether there's truth that goes out is almost secondary.
This is a great suggestion for the NRB to work on. Televangelists have low credibility with many people in the world, which also hurts the image of Christians as a whole. Perhaps such a committee would help repair that image by providing some safeguards. While this would likely not solve all the problems, it would surely help.

It is sad that the world is doing better in the area of ethics than Christians. What happened to setting a higher standard? With all the ethical problems with politicians and big business owners these days, that higher Christian standard is definitely needed.

Thanks to Bruce Prescott at the Mainstream Baptist blog for pointing out this story.

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