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What War?

Rick Scarborough of Vision America, which hosted the "War on Christians" conference a couple of months ago, is trying to defend his use of the term word. Recently the ACLU challenged such usage, with one leader arguing that "it is self-intoxicating rhetoric." Scarborough responded:

The use of the word 'war' is not even a hyperbole; it's literally what is taking place today.
No, the use of the word 'war' actually is hyperbolic. Until Christians are literally being attacked, shot at, and killed in the United States just for being Christian, the word 'war' is an exaggeration. You would think a literalist like Scarborough would at understand what taking a word literally means.

With Christians leading the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court, as well as making up the majority of Americans it seems hard to believe that there could be much of a 'war' going on against Christians. Perhaps Scarborough should work more on preaching the love of Jesus and less and politics and fundraising.

1 comment:

  1. Heh. So true. Conspiracy theorists that think nearly everyone wants to eradicate Christians are wrong, I believe. I think it's much more of an unconscious apathy on the behalf of many Americans that is truly the problem, not the few ACLU activists who go into shock when they see a cross or hear the word "Jesus."


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