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Church Marketing

Here is an interesting article about churches and religious groups using marketing so that they can reach more people with God’s love. The article points out that Christians have been somewhat slow to embrace marketing ideas and that many are still against it. But it offers some good examples which seem to support the use of marketing. Here are a few highlights:

“I’m pitching for my client, but I’m also pitching the Good News,” of Jesus, said Perry, owner of Ministry Marketing Solutions, a Farmington firm for Christian churches and authors. “What I do, I consider it both a ministry and a business.”

… “Even though it’s a church, it’s still a business, and as with any business, we have to advertise,” said Cindy Flowers, Perfecting’s general manager, who says 4,000 each night attended the event. “We can’t assume everyone knows there’s a church on Nevada in Detroit.”

… “We’ve got the greatest story ever told, but no one’s listening,” said founder and president Brad Abare, who runs the Personality ad agency in Los Angeles. But “We think the church has a communications problem. In general, the church has been resistant to the idea of church marketing.”
Amen! It is exciting to churches and Christian organizations willing to do more to reach people. It is also great to see Christian organizations and individuals use their God-given talents to help communicate the work of other Christians.

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