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Ethics Daily has my latest article today, which is entitled "SBC 2nd VP has Past Ties with Unification Church." The article exposes the past of Wiley Drake. Although Drake apologized for his involvement in 2001, he continued to speak at Unification Church events. Drake offered some explanations and interesting thoughts in an interview. This should probably be a warning to all Christians to be careful who we partner with.


  1. Moon has more to do with the direction of the nation than anyone. The WPost reported that Scaife, known as the right's sugar daddy, spent 300 million on conservative causes by 1999. Moon outspent him seven fold on the Washington Times alone.

    Moon says in his own lingo that it was his job as "messiah" to raise up the Chritian right, the theocrats, to control our government. He did it.

    Funny, the man spends billions of dollars manipulating our political system, calls his effort the "natural subjugation of the American government and population", his organization openly works with the Republican Party to tear down the wall between church and state promoting his plan for a world of right wing theocratic leaning governments, and yet he is invisible the masses.

  2. That is quite troubling. Thanks for sharing.


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