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Yesterday, the Southern Baptist Convention's Baptist Press ran an article attacking the American Baptist Churches, USA. It calls the denomination "troubled" and "deflated." This is an old strategy of the SBC. They often attack their Baptist brothers and sisters in Christ as not being as conservative or faithful to the Bible as they themselves are.

Then comes the news today from Ethics Daily. American Baptists voted to divest from companies that do business in Sudan. The action was taken as a way of combating the genocide in the Darfur region. Additionally, they voted to send money to help those suffering as a result of the conflict.

Compare that with the actions of the SBC, who have passed several resolutions condemning the genocide but remain heavily invested in companies that do business in Sudan.

So who is being more faithful here? One group simply says they do not like the genocide while the other is putting their money where their mouth is. Faith without works is dead. Perhaps the SBC needs to reconsider whose actions are truly troubling.

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