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Are You Saved (From Gay Marriage)?

The attacks continue to pour in from Christian conservatives on Barack Obama. He has apparently struck a nerve for daring to suggest that one need not be a Republican to be a Christian. Now one preacher has attacked Obama and suggested he is insincere in his faith.

Bishop Harry Jackson dismissed Obama's comments as "disingenuous." He added, "I think this is politics as usual -- that there's not really sincerity behind this."

Jackson is apparently God and knows Obama's heart. To prove his assertion attacking Obama's faith, Jackson says that Obama refused to take a stand for the "Marriage Protection Amendment" to ban same-sex marriage. This seems like odd proof that Obama is "disingenuous" and insincere in his faith. It is one thing to disagree over an issue, but it is a completely different thing to suggest that one is not really a Christian as a result.

Jackson's version of John 3:16 must read, "For God so loved the Republicans that He sent the 'Marriage Protection Amendment' that whosoever voteth for it shall be saved."

It is time to keep our priorities straight. One can hold a different political belief and still be a Christian.


  1. Mark Hinckley2:15 AM

    Where does this Harry Jackson person get off calling himself "Bishop"?

  2. That is a good question so I looked around a little. His bio page at the church ( says,

    "In December 1999, Bishop Jackson was consecrated a Bishop of the Fellowship of International Churches (FOIC). The FOIC’s vision is to promote restoration of kingdom reality in the marketplace and to prepare the church for a revival of holiness through church planting and making multicultural disciples from each generation."

    You can find out more about the FOIC at

    A church group can decide what titles it will give the preachers in its group. Frankly, I think some preachers get too caught up in having an important sounding title.


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