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Coulter's Heresies

Ethics Daily had an excellent piece yesterday on Ann Coulter. While Coulter attacks Democrats in her recent book for being "Godless," she now claims that Democrats are "trying to fake a belief in God." She made this attack on a recent episode of Pat Robertson's The 700 Club.

Such a claim is blasphemy since only God can know someone's inner beliefs. Thus Coulter is blasphemously trying to put herself on the same level as God. Yet, such heresy went unchallenged by Robertson.

The Ethics Daily piece also notes that some have questioned Coulter's Christian commitment as she plays the holier-than-thou card. The article notes that while she claims to go to a particular church, a staff member does not remember her ever being there and she is not a member of the church.

Here are a few other highlights from the article that should make everyone very cautious about accepting her ideas as representative of the Christian worldview:

Robert Parham of the Baptist Center for Ethics said while Coulter labels herself a Christian, most practicing Christians attend church regularly enough to be recognized by a staff member and talk openly about their church affiliation.

Parham said Christians should seek to follow the teachings of Jesus. "Authentic Christianity is not a weapon with which to bash political opponents," he said. "It's not the sole ownership of a political party. It's not gimmick to sell books."

Parham said "history is littered with those who misused Christianity for all kinds of selfish and harmful reasons."

The Time article described Coulter's father as a Catholic and mother as a Presbyterian. It mentioned the religious affiliation of her two brothers but not her own. It also reported she drinks, smokes, curses and once dated the son of Penthouse founder Bob Guccione.
Parham makes excellent points. Yet despite Coulter's record, there she was on Pat Robertson's The 700 Club attacking the faith of Democrats. If it is possible, her appearance could actually hurt the credibility of Robertson!

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