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God's War to Stop a Gay Parade?

If you thought the current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah was because of terrorism or land, you apparently are not listening to God. As Christine Darg of Exploits Ministry explains, God started the war to stop a gay parade. She writes (scroll down to the July 15, 2006 commentary to find the remarks):

Military events in Israel are now likely to force the cancellation of the World Pride homosexual desecration of Jerusalem next month.

Believers in Israel and all over the world have been bombarding Heaven for God to intervene. ... But sometimes God answers in ways that nobody wants. War is never pleasant, but its security demands take precedence over something as frivolous as a gay parade.
Let us celebrate because our prayers have been answered! God is killing lots of innocent people so that a parade would be cancelled! Wait, that sounds awfully similar to the concept of destroying a village to save it.

When Christians attempt to link everything to homosexuality they usually end up making God out to be hateful and incompetent. After all, why would God not kill all of the homosexuals instead of starting a war where lots of heterosexuals are dying?

It is crazy nonsense like this that gives Christians and God a bad name. The Christianity Today Weblog put it well: "The news said Lebanese, dude, not lesbian."

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