Hinkle's silly errors

July 27, 2006

Don Hinkle made some serious errors in his recent column entitled, "Lacy's silly excuse; a dissertation causes a stir." He attacks Missouri Baptist University President Alton Lacey for a recent statement in the New York Times. However, Hinkle messes up the quotation—twice! And he spells Lacey's name incorrectly (as "Lacy")!

He quotes Lacey as saying "We want to cut our ties. ... We just don’t want the state conventions politicizing our boards." But the actual quotation in the New York Times article is: "We don’t want to cut our ties. ... We just don’t want the conventions politicizing our boards."

Leaving out the "don't" completely changes the statement. Additionally, Hinkle adds the word “state” but makes it appear as if Lacey said it. Such errors are more than silly, they should be serious blows to the credibility of Hinkle. These could be just sloppy mistakes, but seem to represent a larger pattern of misrepresenting the truth, such as in his last column when he claimed Barak Obama used the phrase “open-minded” instead of what Obama really said—“fair-minded" (see previous post here). Christians should set a higher standard (see previous articles on Hinkle’s writings: Truthiness and Inconceivable!).

While he may claim the most recent errors are minor typos and his major point still stands, the wise Albert Einstein would suggest otherwise. He stated, "Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters." Christians, of all people, should be careful with the truth in small and important maters!