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Politics Versus Religion

In a Washington Post article today on the "religious left," there is a great comment from Allen Hertzke, professor of religion and politics at the University of Oklahoma. He argues:

Politics is about combat -- 'us versus them.' Religion shouldn't be about that.
Amen! There have been numerous attempts by Republicans to politicize religion over the years, and now some Democrats want to do so as well. While the Democrats are right to point out that the Christian response and the Republican agenda do not always line up, it does not always line up with them as well.

Christians should serve as a prophetic voice to all political parties, not as the court prophets for just one. It is sad that political differences seem to so often divide Christian brothers and sisters from working together to share the love of Jesus with the world. If we too closely tie ourselves to one party we in essence gag ourselves and undermine the Gospel message.

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