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Not a Gaffe

After Katherine Harris told the Florida Baptist Witness that the separation of church and state was a “lie,” she was rightly criticized by ...
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New Columns

I have two new columns out. First, last Friday I had a piece in the BGCM E-Message that is entitled "Animals to Kill." It takes a...
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Naming War

On NPR's All Things Considered yesterday there was an interesting segment about what to call the recent Middle East conflict. It offer...
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“Islamofascism.” There have been a lot of people—especially conservative media personalities—that have used this word or a variation thereof...
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Robertson's Pain

Pat Robertson, who traveled to Israel last week to pray for an Israeli victory, is upset that a cease-fire has been reached. He declared : &...
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Language War

Here are three columns examining the language being used in the midst of war in the Middle East. The best one of the three is a piece by Ta...
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