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In God We Trust?

Ethics Daily ran my latest column today, which is entitled "In God We Trust?" It questions whether the phrase, which has now been our national motto for 50 years, is actually a good one. It also questions whether or not Christians should get excited about it and whether or not some should spend so much time and energy fighting to keep it. Hope it makes you think. Read it here.


  1. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Very good points, Brian. "In God We Trust" sometimes assumes the characteristics of a "national rabbit's foot." Another example of such wishful thinking is the "God Bless America" marquees that pop up after every domestic natural disaster or military conflict. Makes me want to rent a portable flashing sign and display the message, "America, Bless God!"

  2. Excellent point! The phrase/song "God Bless America" does come up with increased frequency after a disaster or during a conflict. Thus, it seems to be more of a desperate claim than honest devotion. "America, Bless God" is indeed a much better phrase.

    The wording of the phrase undermines its use. If it were a prayer it would be "God, Please Bless America." If it were a statement of fact it would be "God Is Blessing America." Thus, "God Bless America" appears to be a demand, which seems to demonstrate how inappropriate it is.


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