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Incorrect Correction

The end of the world may indeed be upon us—Don Hinkle of the Pathway admitted an error and apologized. Two weeks ago I noted he incorrectly quoted a New York Times quotation of Missouri Baptist University President Alton Lacey.

Hinkle had dropped a "don't" and added a "state." He also misspelled Dr. Lacey's name as "Lacy." Well, now Hinkle actually included a correction at the end of his newest column. He writes:

Two weeks ago I wrote briefly about comments Missouri Baptist College President R. Alton Lacy made to The New York Times regarding the severed relationship between colleges and Southern Baptist state conventions. I quoted Lacy as telling The Times the following: “We want to cut our ties” (with Southern Baptist state conventions). One key word got accidentally omitted that changed the meaning of what Lacy was saying. Lacy’s correct quote to The Times was : “We don' t want to cut our ties.” I apologize for the inadvertent omission.
While that is exciting to see, Hinkle not only does not note two of his three errors but he actually continues them. He again adds the word "state" that he had previously inserted into Lacey's quotation. He also continues to misspell Lacey's name as "Lacy." It is pretty bad when the correction needs correcting.

Why is this important? Well, also in the current issue there is a piece attacking Missouri Baptist University. Yet, how can it be trusted considering the previous problems on getting basic facts right? Christians should do better than this.

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