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More on Robertson's Lament

Ethics Daily has an article today about how "Pat Robertson Laments Cease Fire." A couple days ago I noted that Robertson wrongly twists Scripture to support his pro-war theology. In today's Ethics Daily piece, Robert Parham does a great job in confronting Robertson's misguided lament. Parham states:

Robertson distorts the biblical witness and puts at risk the global Christian community. As for the former, he confuses the biblical Israel with the political state of Israel, an all too common mistake within fundamentalist Christianity and a popular trick among TV preachers who lure literalists for loot. As for the latter, when he prays with Israel's prime minister for Israel's victory, he places Christians in Muslim countries in harm's way. Regrettably, non-Christians wrongly think that America is a Christian country at war against non-Christian countries and that Robertson is a representative Christian. Neither is America a Christian nation, nor is Robertson a good representative of Christianity.

When will conservative evangelicals disown Robertson for his theo-politico wackiness and false teachings from the Bible? When will his own board act responsibility and remove him from office?
Amen! We need more evangelical Christian leaders to challenge such wrong-headed statements by Robertson before he continues to hurt the image and work of Christians with his words.

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