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New Columns

I have two new columns out. First, last Friday I had a piece in the BGCM E-Message that is entitled "Animals to Kill." It takes a critical look at an inappropriate metaphor ("rogue elephants") used by a couple of Christians to describe their brothers and sisters in Christ. It helps show the importance and power of the words we use and calls Christians to do better.

The second column is at Ethics Daily today. It is called "The John Hagee Filter" and offers a critique of the inaccurate rhetoric of Hagee and his Christians United for Israel organization. Hope you find both pieces to be thought-provoking and worthwhile.


  1. Brian,

    I enjoyed reading both pieces. Keep up the good work!

  2. Gary: Thanks for the kind words.

    Everyone else: Go check out Gary's thoughts at the Radical Reformation Fan blog.


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