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Non-Compete Clause?

Here is an article about a church conflict that is splitting a large church in Nashville. It seems hard to know who is to blame—the pastor, the elders, or both.

However, there is one item mentioned in the article that seems to represent just how bad the situation has gotten. The article reports that the elders offered a severance package to the pastor that included a "one-year non-compete clause in which he could not preach in Nashville."

What?! A non-compete clause? What is this, a business or a church?

When are we going to learn that we are all on the same side and should be trying to work together to share the love of Jesus? When are we going to learn that we are not in competition even as we attempt to reach the same people?

There are times when it is best for people to go their separate ways like Paul and Barnabas. But this does not mean that the two were in competition, nor that we should be. They were just both serving God as they felt led to. We can disagree with our brothers and sisters and even chastise them for doing something wrong, but let us please drop this business mindset from the church.

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