Warfare Mentality

August 29, 2006

Ethics Daily has a good article today about some recent comments by Martin Accad, academic dean at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon. He says that Christians in America need to rethink how they view Middle East issues. In particular, he notes the problem of aggressively attacking those with whom we disagree. He explains:

One of the greatest developments of our day is attempts by politicians and media to dehumanize and demonize certain people. ... After demonizing them, we can destroy them.

That is a strategy of warfare and foreign to the gospel of Jesus Christ. ... It saddens me to see it making its way into churches.
Amen! The politics that dehumanize and demonize people should never be allowed in the church. The warfare mentality should never be allowed in the church. Until this problem is solved, our witness will never be what it should be and we will likely be unable to impact the Middle East as we should.