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There has been a lot of media attention to the recent study by researchers at Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion. One finding that is particularly interesting is that some Christians are becoming uncomfortable with the label “Evangelical.” It seems that “Bible-Believing” and “Born Again” are more popular choices. Even evangelicals are avoiding the term.

This reminds me of some discussion a few months ago about whether Christians should continue to use the term “Evangelical” (see previous posts here and here). Meanwhile, Concerned Women for America argued that this trend away from using the term is because:

Sadly, some Biblically orthodox believers are unwilling to proudly affirm their faith. They lack the self-confidence to boldly challenge the negative bias; they don’t want to be called ‘evangelical’ or ‘religious right.’
Really? How does not using the term mean that one is not willing to stand up for their “Biblically orthodox” faith? Is not “Bible-Believing” actually more focused on being “Biblically orthodox”? Could it be that some evangelicals (including CWA) have become so political and divisive that they have turned people away from the term? Either way, this trend is an important one to note and consider.

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