September 06, 2006

A lot of religious terms are used with faulty definitions. One of those is “faithful.” With the launch of a new website, Faithful Democrats , the media and others have been talking about religion and politics. One CNN reporter has been criticized for using term “faithful” poorly. While talking about the new website, Abbi Tatton stated:

Now, polling shows that faithful and Democrat did not go hand-in-hand in recent elections. In 2004, white evangelicals made up nearly a quarter of the electorate and voted overwhelmingly for President Bush.
Thus, in the statement Tatton suggests that the term “faithful” means “white evangelicals.” However, one can be a faithful religious individual and not be white or an evangelical Christian. Those of other religions and African-American Christians voted in large margins for John Kerry in 2004.

It is important to make sure we use our terms accurately so as not to accidentally define people out of the discussion, as Tatton did. We must be very careful not to use poorly defined words in such a way as to attack the faith of others.