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Father, Forgive Us

An innocent man was tortured. Canadian police misidentified a man, which led the U.S. to send him to Syria where he was tortured. Canadian officials are quite upset at the U.S. over the torturing of the man.

As Christians we must not be silent! The National Religious Campaign Against Torture reminds us that “Torture is a Moral Issue.” Meanwhile, the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America has issued a statement calling on people to take action against legislation in Congress that would water down current rules against torture and ignore part of the Geneva Convention. So, who’s up for singing “God Bless America”?


  1. Quite so, Brian. I was immensely irritated at both the US and the Canadian governments when I heard this story. Today on NPR I heard the man interviewed. I felt like apologizing to him on behalf of us all.

    Torture is never moral. And any government that tortures or sends someone to be tortured is immoral, pure and simple.

  2. Jim: You are absolutely correct! Torture is never moral. Torture should never be endorsed or condoned. It is so sad that some are Christians arguing for allowing torture. This story has me just torn up, ashamed, and angry.


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