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Finding Our Way

There are several interesting articles recently by or about Christians attempting to find a better way to communicate our beliefs to the world so that the love of Jesus will shine through. These four pieces are worth reading and considering.

First, Robert Parham has an excellent column at Ethics Daily today that is entitled “James Dobson Is No Jesus.” Parham argues that Dobson’s political work undermines the claim of being pro-family and is at odds with the teachings of Jesus. Despite what you think of Dobson as a Christian author and counselor, there are some important points here to consider about the problems with Dobson as a politician.

Also at Ethics Daily today there is an article about some recent comments by Joel Edwards, general director of the Evangelical Alliance in Britain. Edwards laments that “Evangelicalism has become a synonym, in popular understanding, for moralizing bigotry, fundamentalism and reactivity.” He goes on to offer ideas on what he thinks Evangelicals need to do to be more effective in reaching people.

The third piece is a USA Today column by minister Oliver “Buzz” Thomas that is entitled “A Christian view of war.” It is a great and thought-provoking column that should challenge all of us to consider how we view the war and what we are doing and saying about it.

Finally, Mark I. Pinsky, religion writer for the Orlando Sentinel, has an interesting piece that is called “Meet the New Evangelicals.” The subtitle of the article offers even more direction: “Is a new generation of ‘kinder, gentler’ leaders suddenly putting the religious right in political play?” He explores how many newer Evangelical leaders today are less tied politically to the GOP and seem to be broadening the issues they are care about.

Together, these four items suggest a couple of things to consider. First, there is definitely a growing understanding that the teachings of Jesus do not go down party lines. It is refreshing to see many Christians across the political spectrum seeking to follow God’s will over that of a political party. Of course, there is still much work to do, but this should be seen as progress over just a few years ago.

Second, these pieces should remind us of the importance of being concerned with how we as Christians are being viewed by others. We must be thoughtful and careful with the image we are putting off of ourselves as a result of what we say and do. We must be more concerned with sharing the love of Jesus than following any political party’s objectives. Let’s get out there and keeping spreading messages like these!

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