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Immigration Debate

Jim Evans has an excellent column today on immigration entitled “On Jesus And Keeping The Rules.” Here are a couple of highlights:

You can check this for yourself, but I am quite sure that Jesus never said that we are called to care only for the least of these who are legally in our midst. And while we are at it, he also said nothing about caring only for the deserving poor, or only the innocent in prison, or only those who are sick through no fault of their own.

And for all those who champion the idea that America is a Christian nation, what does it mean if it turns out that we have laws and rules in our society that Jesus would most certainly break if he was with us now. And I wonder what we would do to him when he did it.
An excellent point for us to consider!


  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    I certainly agree that as Christians and as Americans we have the spiritual and social obligation to care for those less fortunate than ourselves.

    However, I also feel that our government has the responsibility to make sure that its' citizens are here legally and that it has a sound immigration policy that is fair and takes into consideration the welfare of its' citizens.

  2. Thanks for the comment. You raise good points. The real problem here is that this issue is a difficult one. Since my focus is more on trying to discover what the Christian answer to issues should be and not the governmental answer, I am more concerned about Christians caring for all of God’s people.

  3. Anonymous10:52 PM

    I agree that we should take care of those that are in this country illegally.

    But do you think there needs to be government programs to 'manage' immigration so that the economic, healthcare, and security of its' citizens?

    Thank you


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