October 07, 2006

Wade Burleson had an excellent critique of some inappropriate remarks made recently by Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Burleson does a good job of pointing out Moore’s inaccuracies, jumps to conclusions without evidence, and inappropriate name-calling. The worst part came when Moore was bashing bloggers (which is ironic since he blogs—though he calls his “commentary” and not “blog”). Moore stated:

You have some bloggers in the SBC who are just immature jerks. But the things they are blogging about are just the same kinds of things they would be saying as immature jerks in a seminary cafeteria just now the have a venue to say these sort of things. And then you have the blogofascists --- a group of people who are using blogs in order to spread gossip and division and in order to use these blogs as means to destroy. Those are very different things.
Such a remark is entirely out-of-line! Only neo-Nazis who blog should be called “blogofascists” (I have argued in an earlier post that comparisons like this to the Nazis are inappropriate and un-Christ-like). While Moore is apparently trying to be clever by taking a cue from the term “Islamofascists” (which I argue is inaccurate in a previous post), he has crossed the line. Moore should apologize for comparing his brothers and sisters in Christ to fascists.