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Miguel De La Torre has an excellent and hilarious column at Ethics Daily today. It is entitled “Baptists and Alcohol: What Would Jesus Do?” Miguel makes some great points about the recent debate among Southern Baptists concerning alcohol. And he will make you laugh while he is making you think. Go and read it!


  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    It is an interesting point, however I think that there is people who will need more Biblical support than the author's opinion. And I'm not agree with the alcohol tolerance, I agree we might end allowing worst things at the end, but also, when there is a topic like this on debate, the arguments and support for those arguments is needed. Thanks...Sen

  2. Sen: Thanks for the comment. You are correct that one must support their arguments. However, this column does not mess up there as you suggest. First, he does use biblical support with clear biblical allusions. Though he does not cite any verses, the references are there.

    Second, it is important to note that this piece is not making a new argument as much as it is critiquing an argument already made. In fact, he is basically making the same point as you—that those arguing for teetotalism have not proven their arguments.


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