Setting the Record Straight

October 19, 2006

My latest column went out today in the BGCM E-Message. It is a defense of the Baptist World Alliance and its efforts to help Baptists in Cuba. The BGCM is a part of the BWA, which was falsely attacked recently by Pathway editor Don Hinkle. The title of the piece is “Hard to Fathom?”

In the same issue is another column by Rudy Pulido, a pastor and BGCM board member. Pulido, who has served in leadership roles for American United for Separation of Church and State, wrote his piece, “A Hinkle,” to critique a Hinkle column that inaccurately attacked AU.

After reading those two pieces, Hinkle’s new column today is quite humorous as he claims:

Yes, we are biased (biased toward Jesus), but that does not mean that what we publish is not true. The Pathway has never lied to its readers – and it never will as long as God says I am the editor.
Hmmmm. To make matters worse, he goes on say that “the ultimate editor-in-chief” of the Pathway is “King Jesus!” Well, it seems that the work of proclaiming truth and setting the record straight is never complete.