Shameful Exploitation

October 03, 2006

Considering Homeschooling, a pro-homeschooling (read anti-public school) organization has shamefully exploited the tragic deaths of children in the recent school shootings. They issued a statement claiming the organization “Grieves with America.” They also said the organization “asks that everyone pray for the families of the victims killed and wounded in the three school shootings this week.”

Sounds good, right? Oh wait, here comes the catch. The statement then added:

Considering Homeschooling believes parents must take extraordinary measures to protect their children under the current circumstances and urges all Christian parents who can create a safe, loving, Christ-centered home to consider homeschooling their children today.
Considering Homeschooling decided to (mis)use these tragedies to further their own agenda. How shameful! As parents are still grieving and some children are still fighting for their lives this organization is trying to figure out how to spin it. Instead of homeschooling, maybe they should consider tack, sincerity, and respect.

Why not just issue a statement saying you grieve and nothing more? Actually, why issue the statement at all? Must we prove we are holy by publicly claiming to be grieving? Why not grieve and pray in private? Isn’t that what Jesus told us to do? Oh wait, then they could not issue their call for homeschooling. Thus, their real purpose was not to offer sympathy but to (mis)use this tragedy. What great values to teach kids!