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Sudan Divestment Efforts

The Washington Post reports that there are increased efforts to divest state funds from companies that do business in Sudan. Six states have divested and several others are considering doing so. It is exciting to read of these efforts that may help slow or even stop the genocide in that nation.

If only more Christian would seem to care as much about the genocide. While many Christians have been working to end the genocide, others are helping prop up the government that sponsors the guilty parties. After all, the Southern Baptist Convention owns millions of dollars of stock in companies doing business in Sudan. If we want to see an end to the genocide, then maybe Christians in America need to start caring more, working harder, and helping cut off the money flow that props up the Sudanese government.


  1. Very well said, my friend. I agree that pressure can be leveraged here to affect change abroad.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Hopefully change will come soon!


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