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Killing Saddam

Ethics Daily has a story today about Baptist blogger Michael Westmoreland-White, who argues that Saddam Hussein should not be executed. Wes...
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That Vision Thing

My latest column came out this week in the BGCM E-Message . It is entitled “That Vision Thing.” Some of it is based on a recent post from t...
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New Language

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is considering altering its language on homosexuality. The group’s Vice-President, Cardinal Francis...
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Hold Your Fire

Richard J. Mouw, president of Fuller Seminary, has a good column at Christianity Today that is entitled “Shoot-First Apologetics.” It offe...
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In a shocking story , it seems that the Church of England (for all the denominationally illiterate they are also known worldwide as Anglican...
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Crucify Them!

At the annual meeting of the Missouri Baptist Convention, David Clippard, the Convention’s Executive Director, aggressively and inaccurately...
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