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Implosion Continues

The implosion of the Christian Coalition continues. First, their former leader Ralph Reed got caught up in the Abramoff scandal and lost the Republican primary for Lt. Governor in Georgia. Then, three different state chapters left the national organization. Now, their newly chosen president has resigned just before he was supposed to start. The reason for his resignation? He wanted to broaden the group’s focus beyond just abortion and homosexual marriage.

The man in question, Reverend Joel Hunter, said he also wanted to the group to work on reducing poverty and helping the environment. He explained, “These are issues that Jesus would want us to care about.” About keeping the narrow focus of the Christian Coalition, Hunter added, “They pretty much said, ‘These issues are fine, but they’re not our issues; that’s not our base.’”

So let’s see here: Jesus would want us to care about these issues, but we can’t because our base doesn’t. Perhaps they should spend more time listening to Jesus and less time polling people. And now that Hunter has failed in his attempt to reform the group, the best thing for Christians would likely be if the group just shut down. Meanwhile, God’s people should work on sharing the love of Jesus, which includes reducing poverty and saving the environment in addition to reducing abortions and saving marriages.

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