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Missing the New Testament

Reverend William Sanderson recently made a motion that was passed by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina to remove any church from the Convention if the church accepts homosexuality or homosexuals (though gluttony, murder, lying, and other sins are apparently still okay). Yeah, this is a great idea—let’s reach people by kicking their churches out!

A recent article in the Raleigh News & Observer may have offered the clue as to why Sanderson seems overly focused on homosexuality. It explained, “He failed his New Testament class the first time he took it at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.” Why is this not too surprising? He clearly does not seem to have a grasp on the teachings of Jesus. Perhaps it is time for Sanderson to spend more time reading the New Testament and less time trying to hunt down homosexuals in churches.


  1. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Dear Friend,

    Do you really desire to use such childish logic in your post. Just because someone fails a class does not mean they did not learn. It actually means they learned a great deal when they go back and re-take it and pass.

    Why not abide by your own blog title and FOR GOD'S SAKE SHUT UP!


  2. Tim: Thanks for the comment, but I think you are missing the point.

    The comment about his failing was slightly light-hearted (as the tone of my writing is at times). But it is still a legitimate point. What logical fallacy did I commit, or did you just call it “childish logic” with no real justification. When looking to hire someone, businesses often look not just at GPA but also at individual course grades—especially in the core areas related to the job. Failing a course so pivotal to one’s job as this one would often result in not being hired. This is not childish logic; this is the logic of the grown-up business world (our churches would be wise to follow many other practices used in the business world).

    As for the title of this blog, I use that line when people are saying things that hurt the kingdom work, especially if it keeps people from hearing about the love of Jesus. Reverend Sanderson did that. If you look at the media coverage of the event, North Carolina Baptists are not looking so hot. People are being turned away from the churches. With that in mind, my question is what damage did my post do?

  3. Kaylor,
    Maybe you are being a little too harsh. Kicking out the churches that accept homos might also oust some which also have ordained women as members or even "gasp" staff members or deacons.
    Mac McFatter


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