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New Language

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is considering altering its language on homosexuality. The group’s Vice-President, Cardinal Francis George, explained:

We are trying to find a language that does not betray the teaching of the church, but will perhaps express it in ways that are not so offensive. ... The language will be less painful than sometimes the language has been in the past.
This is good news to hear. It is great reminder that even if one does not agree with a position, one should still work hard to find language that is open and inviting. There has been a lot of overly harsh and inappropriate rhetoric on the issue of homosexuality that has sadly probably driven many people away from the love of Jesus.

In other news, Bishop William S. Skylstad, the President of the Conference, called for an end to the “shrill and shallow” rhetoric on Iraq that “reduces the options to ‘cut and run’ versus ‘stay the course.’” Instead, he says, we need “honest dialogue.”

This is another great call that reminds us about making sure our rhetoric helps move the discussion forward instead of cutting off dialogue. Hopefully, more Christians will follow these examples as we work to tone down the diatribes and develop meaningful dialogue.

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