Controversial Remarks

December 06, 2006

Ethics Daily had an article today about the controversy surrounding pastor and blogger Mark Driscoll. Following the Ted Haggard affair, Driscoll wrote about pastor wives in a way that many believed was blaming Haggard’s wife for Haggard’s problems. Driscoll has since apologized for the remarks. Driscoll also offered an important point for each of us to consider. He wrote:

But I also learned that as my platform has grown, so has my responsibility to speak about my convictions in a way that invites other people to experience charity from me, which means inflammatory language and such need to be scaled back.
Amen! It is too bad it took a controversy for Driscoll to learn that. But at least he learned it (some Christians seem to be slower learners and keep making the same mistakes over and over). Hopefully, more Christians will realize the importance of being careful with their language so that we invite people in and not drive them away. And hopefully, many Christians will learn this before making a controversial mistake.