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Letters to the Editor

Tony Cartledge, editor of the Biblical Recorder, has an excellent post on his blog about “Talking Back” to the media. He offers some advice about how to respond if you feel that your local newspaper has gotten a story about Baptists wrong (his advice works for those of other denominations as well). He points out that mistakes do happen, so sometimes there will be a need to write a letter to the editor to address the problem. He also explains that newspapers do want to hear back from their readers and will often publish pieces that “provide additional information or express divergent views.” He then offers five very good suggestions to keep in mind while writing the letter to the editor.

Every Christian should be concerned about how Christians are presented in the media because it may be the only glimpse of us some people get. Thus, if we feel like we are being inaccurately represented we should attempt to correct the record. We should also speak up if poor Christian examples are getting bad media attention so that we can remind people that not all Christians are like the one getting bad media attention. So, check out his suggestions and then get ready to write your letters.

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