Worst Christian Mouth of the Year

December 27, 2006

It is time for the 2nd annual “Worst Christian Mouth of the Year” award to (dis)honor the Christian who most hurt the cause with their dumb statements. This decision is made after examining the posts here from the whole year to see which individuals were often critiqued for their comments. The winners (or is that losers) are chosen based on a quantitative and qualitative evaluation, and sadly there were many to pick from.

The 2006 winner is (drum-roll please): Rick Scarborough for his comments supporting Tom DeLay, his “War on Christians” conference, and other remarks throughout the year as he played the game of politics. Scarborough, it should be noted, was one of those in the number three spot last year, which was a group award for all of those who said Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment.

Hopefully, Scarborough will resolve in 2007 to either think before he speaks or just keep his mouth shut.

2. Pat Robertson
3. Jerry Falwell
4. Tony Perkins
5. Don Hinkle

Last year Pat Robertson was given this title with runner-ups Jerry Falwell, All those who said Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment, Fred Phelps, and Russell Moore. Unfortunately, each of those individuals also had problems this year as a couple remained on this list and others just missed the cut.