Bad Word Rehab

January 26, 2007

Isaish Washington, one of the stars of "Grey's Anatomy," has made a lot of headlines lately because of his anti-homosexual slur he used toward a co-star. Now, it has been reported that he has entered rehab/counseling. Conservative Commentator Bill O'Reilly referred to it yesterday as "bad word rehab." There are a lot of Christians who could use some bad word rehab. We probably do not need to establish inpatient programs, but there are a lot of Christians who need to learn how to be careful and appropriate with what they say.

Some Christians proved with their response to the Washington case that they do not understand what it means to talk in an ethical or Christian way. For instance, the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins attacked the idea that Washington went to rehab, but Perkins never condemned the use of the offensive word. He then argued that Christians may soon lose their right to free speech on homosexuality if hate crime legislation is passed. Yet, Perkins misses the important point--Washington was wrong to use the hateful word. If a law bans that word, then Christians should not worry because we should not be using such hateful language. Perkins is one Christian who must need some bad word rehab.

An interesting related story: the mayor of a town in Texas proposed fining people who use the "n-word," which is another hateful word that Christians should not use and should work to remove from our society.