January 29, 2007

Ethics Daily has a piece today pointing out the hypocrisy of some Baptists. A couple of Baptist state conventions have passed resolutions condemning Wal-Mart and the Baptist Press has put out articles attacking Wal-Mart. What for? Supposedly supporting homosexuality. One of the main items used to “prove” this was that one could buy books from Wal-Mart’s website that condoned homosexuality.

Yet, it turns out that the same could be said for the website of Lifeway, the publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention. The logic of the argument against Wal-Mart was always weak, but now that should be obvious because it would mean that Lifeway also condones homosexuality (which I am sure it does not). Maybe the state conventions should pass resolutions condemning Lifeway. Or maybe the Baptist Press should write articles attacking Lifeway. Or maybe they should take the plank out of their own eye and focus less on attacking others.

Meanwhile, Robert Parham has an excellent column at Ethics Daily today. Read it over because it provides a significant contrast between what is being proposed with the “Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant” and the hypocrisy of those who seem focused on just condemning people.

UPDATE [1-31-07]: Ethics Daily has another piece on how Lifeway is responding to the story and changing the books on its website. I do not think poorly of Lifeway because of this situation. But it does seem to prove that the criticism of Wal-Mart has been wrong.