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My latest column is out today on the website of the Baptist General Convention of Missouri. It is entitled “Balderdash” and responds to an inaccurate attack that Missouri State Representative and Baptist minister Brian Baker recently made on the BGCM. It also deals with the importance of religious liberty and being willing to working with others.


  1. Brian,

    Thanks for your capable defense of Baptists' traditional stance in favor of religious liberty and for taking on the task of refuting those who would ignorantly criticize the BGCM for its role in promoting the same. That old "guilt by association" card has been played far too many times, and as you point out, if stretched far enough, the MBC and SBC along with a host of other religious groups have cooperated with other groups without necessarily subscribing to every tenet or belief of those groups.

  2. Gary: Thanks for the comment! You are exactly right about the problems of guilt-by-association attacks.


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