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Give a Little Love

While there were other commercials last night that were funnier, the “video game” commercial by Coke (see it here) is worth mentioning. It starts out looking like a violent video game, but then a man drinks Coke and starts doing good deeds. As he walks around helping people, the town magically improves all around him with music proclaiming, “Give a Little Love.”

At one point, the man grabs a couple of street preachers with signs proclaiming, “The End is Near.” After he spins them around, their signs read, “Give a Little Love.” That is a great change in message! We have too many preachers who are focused on condemning everyone with their doom and gloom messages and not enough who are proclaiming the love of Jesus. Though, of course, Christ—and not Coke—is needed to change our message. But maybe Christians could take this lesson from Coke to heart: “Give a Little Love.”


  1. Goodness Gracious.

    It's bad enough that Football has turned into a Religion, but do you really have to call such attention to the materialistic icons (i.e. commercials) presnted at the Super BOWL.

    Heed your own advice and "For God's Sake, Shut up!".

    BTW, is "Shut UP" "hateful launguage"???????

  2. Kris: I did not realize that football was so evil! Maybe you should tell that to Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy, who is very open about his Christian faith (see an article here).

    As for me referring to “materialistic icons,” we should be willing to use cultural examples so that we can communicate our message. Doing so allows us to speak the language of those around us. After all, Paul used an idol at Athens as a sermon illustration (see Acts 17). If he can use an idol to get people to think about God, then what is so bad about using a commercial?

    As for being hateful, it depends on how it is given. My goal here and in my book is to help Christians and is not intended to be hateful.

  3. The more I surf the net, the more I realize even "pastors" don't understand what Paul's Mars Hill speech was all about.

  4. Frank D.9:25 AM

    Good points on the Coke commercial. There seems to be very little love left in Christianity-the-institution these days and way too many self-proclaimed Christians I've met lately are just downright cranky. How sad. Isn't it interesting to see God move through much-maligned materialistic icons? Go God! Kyrie Eleison!

  5. Frank: Thanks for the comment. You are absolutely correct: we need more love and less crankiness.


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