Give a Little Love

February 05, 2007

While there were other commercials last night that were funnier, the “video game” commercial by Coke (see it here) is worth mentioning. It starts out looking like a violent video game, but then a man drinks Coke and starts doing good deeds. As he walks around helping people, the town magically improves all around him with music proclaiming, “Give a Little Love.”

At one point, the man grabs a couple of street preachers with signs proclaiming, “The End is Near.” After he spins them around, their signs read, “Give a Little Love.” That is a great change in message! We have too many preachers who are focused on condemning everyone with their doom and gloom messages and not enough who are proclaiming the love of Jesus. Though, of course, Christ—and not Coke—is needed to change our message. But maybe Christians could take this lesson from Coke to heart: “Give a Little Love.”