Great Video!

February 15, 2007

Last night on “The Colbert Report,” comedian Stephen Colbert addressed the controversy surrounding the HPV vaccine in Texas. He hilariously exposed the flaws in the arguments of Vision America’s Rick Scarborough and other Christians. You can find the clip by clicking here and then clicking on the one called “Bad Medicine.” The best line is about getting a tetanus shot.

Last week Ethics Daily ran my column on this issue, which is entitled “The Religious Right is not Pro-Life.” In it I question the opposition of several Christians to the giving of the HPV vaccine, which could help save the lives of hundreds of thousands of women worldwide. Thus, I argue that some Christians seem more focused on being anti-sex than pro-life. It is time for us to follow what the late Catholic Cardinal Joseph Bernardin called the “seamless garment of life,” which was his call for moral consistency by being completely pro-life.

It is great to see Colbert, who teaches a Sunday School class (that would be a cool class to be in), come out on the same side!