Jesus Loves Osama

February 01, 2007

A church in Australia is under attack for its sign outside its building. Why? Because it reads, “Jesus Loves Osama.” In smaller print at the bottom of the sign is a biblical quotation: “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” This is a good reminder to Christians that Jesus loves everyone. As a church spokesman explained, “We are saying that Jesus Christ loves everyone in the world, even this man. ... All we are doing is sharing the gospel.”

Interestingly, the church is being attacked by political leaders. Prime Minister John Howard stated, “I understand the Christian motivation of the Baptist church. ... But I hope they will understand that a lot of Australians, including many Australian Christians, will think that the prayer priority of the church on this occasion could have been elsewhere.” Oh great, just what we need—a politician telling the church how to pray!

This church is probably one of the few actually being biblical on this issue. But once we start praying for someone and then forgiving and loving them, then it makes it pretty hard to justify killing them. That is probably what Howard is worried about. How dare these pesky little Baptists take the Bible seriously and undermine his work to kill Osama!

UPDATE [2-1-07]: Ethics Daily has a piece on this story. It includes a good quotation from Baptist leader Alan Soden. He stated:

It’s not about Osama and what he has done or may have done. We are all sinners and [God] loves us all no matter who we are or what we have done. Hopefully it might cause some people to think about Jesus’ teachings. The idea that we should
pray for someone and even love them when we disagree with them or may even be opposed to them and their actions is radical. But many of Jesus' ideas were radical.