February 21, 2007

Praying for Stephen Colbert (and Rick Scarborough)

Ethics Daily ran my latest column today, which is entitled “Praying for Stephen Colbert (and Rick Scarborough).” It deals with a couple of issues: a prayer day for Colbert (as one of the top 365 cultural influencers), and Scarborough’s inaccurate attack on Colbert and his faith. I argue that we need individuals like Colbert as they prophetically critique religious leaders who get off message. I also argue that Scarborough needs to be careful not to mistake such criticism as a sign that the attacker is merely a godless liberal.


  1. jennifer h1:14 PM

    Have you tried the new Stephen Colbert Americone Dream ice cream flavor (http://www.benandjerrys.com/features/americone_dream_index.cfm)?

  2. I have not tried it yet. I knew it was out but it was not in the store when I checked the other day (maybe it is sad that I already checked).