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Spending God’s Money

Spending God’s Money
Over the weekend I finished reading Mary Kinney Branson’s book, Spending God’s Money: Extravagance and Misuse in the Name of Ministry. This book should concern every Christian as she outlines the waste of money and abuse of power at the North American Mission Board. It is sad to read how some people were poorly spending money that had been faithfully given in a church offering plate for missions. On the other hand, I disagree with her suggestion that local ministry is therefore the most efficient. I still believe we can do more together (synergy) and that abuse and waste can happen at any level. But her book should be a warning to all Christians—especially those who work at churches or ministry organizations—to be faithful with how we spend God's money.

For some other good reviews of the book, check out the thoughts from Ethics Daily and Marty Duren. Also, Bruce Prescott had a radio interview with Branson.

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