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Coulter Criticized

Controversial columnist Ann Coulter has been rightly criticized for her most recent inflammatory and hateful comments. This time even some conservatives have been wise enough to critique her. What does not make sense is why conservatives would even invite her to any events. Conservative Christians, in particular, should stand up against her hateful and un-Christlike rhetoric. Robert Parham of Ethics Daily has a good column today that makes this argument. Here are a few highlights:

Popular among Christian conservatives, Coulter was a featured speaker a James Dobson's Washington summit intended to mobilize conservative evangelical voters to defeat Democrats in the fall elections. The event was pitched as "a pro-family conference" for "politically active Christians."

... At the same time, church-attending Christians should question why Christian Right leaders showed their acceptance of her hate speech expressed through their silence.

How is it that politicians can recognize wrongful speech, while those who claim a commitment to the Bible can't?

The Christian Right appears once again to be more faithful to a political ideology than faithful to the biblical witness.
Amen! It is well past time for Christians to quit making Coulter a keynote speaker. By the way, I criticized Coulter (and James Dobson for having her on his show) in a column for Ethics Daily back in October. I also briefly critique her in my book, For God's Sake, Shut Up!: Lessons for Christians on How to Speak Effectively and When to Remain Silent, in the chapter on how Christians must avoid the temptation of putting politics ahead of religious priorities.

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