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Hanging Up

The Dove Foundation, an organization attempting to clean up Hollywood with family values, apparently has upset a lot of people because of its phone calls. The group recently settled with the state of Missouri after being sued for violating the no call list. Their calls have led to hundreds of complaints. Here are a few of the comments from those called:

"they call repeatedly and will not stop calling despite repeated requests"

"Received a callfor 'Janet' my wife who passed away 10/18/04. I was hurt as it dredged up memories of happier days"

"No information given but called at 7:48 a.m.; thanks for waking me up jerk!"

"I hope I was rude enough to stop her from calling back."

"Daily calling, does not leave message, just hangs up."

"Maybe its time for a class action lawsuit?"

"I hate them"
There are lots of others, and some of them use quite choice words. How ironic that an organization that is supposed to be cleaning up Hollywood is dirtying up the phone lines. This Christian-supported group is driving people away from their message because of their tactics. People really need to think before speaking or acting--especially if you are a Christian. We must work hard not to drive people away from our message because of our unthoughtfulness.


  1. I remember the call they placed to me - they ended up hanging up on me. I suggested that if parents don't like what's on TV (in response to one of their questions), they should learn to use the V-chip. I suppose the last straw for them was when I asked them to define for me what they meant by "family values" and they were unable to. The woman sounded quite flustered.

  2. Tim: I haven’t actually received a call from them, so thanks for offering your account.

  3. Janet9:17 AM

    Hi Brian -

    These people have driven me crazy. Supposedly they stopped this survey at the end of July, but according to 800-679-0336 they seem to still be calling people. what a nightmare. It doesn't really say much about the "values" they are supposedly helping us protect...


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