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The Not-So-Good Doc

On last night's broadcast of "The Colbert Report," comedian Stephen Colbert brilliantly and hilariously critiqued a Christian doctor who refuses to help patients who have tattoos or body piercings. He even refused to help a toddler because of the mother's appearance. How sad that a Christian doctor would act so differently than Jesus. Thankfully we have some like Colbert to point this out so well. By the way, last month I had a column at Ethics Daily about Colbert and his needed prophetic role. Watch the video because it is well worth it.


  1. I wrote about this story a few weeks ago but the video is much better! :)

  2. Kevin: Thanks for the comment. I remember now that you had brought this case up; congrats on being ahead of the curve! You are funny, but it is quite hard to compete with the Colbert.


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