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Tortured Theology

Ethics Daily ran my latest column today, which is entitled "Tortured Theology." It criticizes comments made by a few Christian leaders supporting torture. Here are a few excerpts:

For it is not the theologically healthy that condone the torture of those created in God's image, but those with tortured and perverted theology.

... For as the Inquisition proved, nothing helps people discover the love of Jesus quite like torture!

... We already have a clear and simple biblical guide: treat others as you have them treat yourself. Anything less than that is wrong and clearly violates Christian ethics.

... Torturing people is wrong no matter who they are or what information we think they may possess. Jesus did not tell us to love one another unless the other person is a suspected terrorist.

... Perhaps the next edition of the SBC's Holman Christian Standard Bible will offer a new take on Jesus' teaching in Matthew 5:44: "Torture your enemies and kill those who persecute you." Then the passage could finally be tortured enough to match their tortured theology.
Hopefully, Christians will speak up for what is right!

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